Specialty Foot Care

Podology is internationally recognized credited designation that falls between a pedicurist and a podiatrist.  The advanced training and knowledge in foot care and client consultation involved specialized foot care techniques, diabetic foot care, infection control, gait analysis and biomechanics of the lower limb.

Medi Pedi
$52-82 (price varies depending on work required after individual consultations)

These services are dedicated to feet that require more attention than the average pedicure offers.  A complete assessment/analysis of the condition of the feet and nails will be performed; as well as a gait analysis (if requested) prior to treatment.  These treatments would include the following conditions of the nails and skin of the lower leg/foot: ingrown nails, excessive callus build up, fissures (cracks in skin), thick nails/wooded nail, corns, plantar warts, peeling/rough/itchy skin (Tinea Pedis), nail fungus (Onychomychosis), and the diabetic foot.

Footlogix is a non-greasy Pediceutical product line that is fragrance free and fast absorbing.   With a variety of formulations, it is highly recommended for home care use in order to improve the above conditions of the feet.  It is safe for all ages of the skin and diabetics.

$50 (per nail/per application)

This is a revolutionary technique performed on involuted (ingrown) nails, without pain or surgery!  Within a few days, pain is relieved, and the nail begins a new growth path to elevate the excessive curvature of the nail for good! (May require more than one brace depending curvature of the nail).

(see photo above)



NanoFlex Gel rebuilds damaged nails while allowing the natural nail to grow out and be treated with Footlogix Nail Tincture.

$64 (includes service and home care treatment- Footlogix Tincture)

$30 Backfills (every 3-5 weeks)

Wendy is amazing at what she does! She is professional, intelligent and highly educated in her field. I don’t know how long I have been going to Wendy Lynn Owens and Keep In Touch Studio for my pedicures, skin care and Indian head massages but I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Added bonus, the studio is downtown but the parking is FREE!! Honestly, even if the parking wasn’t free I would still choose Wendy)
You should go!

I’ve known Wendy Owens for about 10 years and I was happy to move to see her exclusively when she opened Keep In Touch. Wendy does my pedicures and facials, and she also gives an amazing massage! She knows so much about feet and her pedicures are just spectacular. She also gives a superb facial and has introduced me to wonderful Yonka products. I can’t imagine seeing anyone else for these services. Wendy is a true gem and in addition, a lovely person.

I have been going to see Wendy for about 8 months now to have waxing done.  She is very professional and it is virtually pain free.  She offers great advice for any problem areas and the Yonka products have proven quite effective and beneficial. I recommend Wendy to anyone who needs her services.  The waiting area and her work area are always neat and it has a very relaxing atmosphere.  Also – quick side note – I am handicapped and since this is all on one level and very easy to access I have no issues manoeuvring around.

Tina C

Walking into Keep In Touch Studio with its beautiful interior design is relaxing in itself. Wendy then appears with a warm, smiling demeanour. Whatever treatment you choose, you will be happy with the results. Whether it be Indian Head Massage or a facial, you will walk away feeling like everything is right in your world. Thanks Wendy for creating such a lovely experience.

Laurie S

“I was referred to Wendy by a friend, and was — admittedly — hesitant at first. After all, I don’t let just anyone do my toes! As a diabetic, my feet must be cared for meticulously…. So I was THRILLED when on my first visit to visit Keep In Touch Wendy showed such care, concern and knowledge of my condition. And the cleanliness of the Studio and all of her tools knocked me socks off too — pun intended! I’ve returned many times since and will return again and again.”


At keep in touch studios I really feel like I’m in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Wendy also has a calm energy to her. She sincerely cares about our body’s well being and is exceptional with her services. I will see no one else but her and highly recommend her! Plus I love the Yonka facial products I don’t use anything else since I I learned about them.

Angelique T

I am very selective when it comes to spa services and have had nightmare experiences in the past from other salons, but I had heard great things about Wendy @ Keep in Touch – so I decided to book an appointment with her for Xtreme Lash extensions prior to a major event.
Wendy and her staff were very welcoming and friendly, and the studio itself is lovely. I immediately felt calm and relaxed, and knew that I was in good hands. I left the salon shortly afterwards well rested, and with the most gorgeous lashes. The lashes lasted for quite a long time, and they looked and felt natural. I also really liked that Wendy was very specific about care instructions, and that the salon carried eye makeup that could be used safely with the extensions – so I didn’t need to run any extra errands. I loved the service at the studio so much that I’m going back again for my wedding! 

Emily M

I have been coming to Keep in Touch for the last two years or so, and I received a number of different treatments from Wendy. Wendy’s knowledge, professionalism and experience keeps me in tip top shape and keeps me looking my best. I have never had such great looking skin in my life and I owe it all to Wendy and her expertise. The Studio is filled with great products and gift ideas, I just want to try them all! Highly recommended!

Stephanie S

I was getting massage therapy on my arm at a massage-aesthetics studio on Cardigan Street in Guelph.  I was introduced to Wendy Owens who is in the aesthetics business and asked her if she could do anything with my damaged toes (from running) and we set up an appointment.   Excellent results and I will soon be going back for a second session to ensure my toes and sandals compliment each other.

Jerry G