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February is heart health month!

February Smile News
Did you know that smiling (and laughter)* can lead to an immediate increase in your heart rate and oxygen consumption and lower blood pressure and boost your immune system? It takes a minimum of 7-10 muscles to smile (although some studies say more like 47). Have you ever noticed how smiles (and laughter) can be infectious? I challenge you to smile more and share your smile (and laughter) with others so we can all significantly reduce stress and in turn help decrease the chances of heart disease. 
*Please note that you need to do more than smile and laugh to prevent heart disease, so please ask your doctor for guidance and for more information visit
Studio Update
Covid Restrictions have lifted as of Jan 31, so I am pleased to announce that I am once again open for Facials and Face Waxing services! I will ask for your patience as I have a long waiting list to get through, and I encourage you to make sure you are in it by sending me a quick email!
Facial Specials
Covid Restrictions have lifted on Jan 31, so I am pleased to announce that I am open for Facials and Face Waxes once again! Please contact me to get your appointment time scheduled.

Link to Facial Services
Link to waxing services
Luscious Lips
Are your lips dry, dehydrated, or maybe even peeling? This yo-yo weather really takes a toll on our skin and our lips especially tend to get neglected. This is your fix-it duo from Yonka. First, exfoliate with the Gommage (see YouTube link for application) then apply a small amount of the Nutri Contour frequently throughout the day. 

Gommage Application on YouTube
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