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July Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Celebration I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since I opened Keep In Touch Studio Inc!  I am so thankful for all my loyal clients that have stuck with me over these years, especially through my numerous closures during a worldwide pandemic!   I am also grateful to my new clients for putting your trust in my… Continue reading July Anniversary Celebration

Welcome to Spring!

Spring brings a chance for renewal and change. How will you bring on a renewed self-care routine? Will you take a few extra minutes on the weekend to do a facial mask, or go for a walk to see the new spring bulbs pushing their way through the snow and earth? I challenge you to… Continue reading Welcome to Spring!

March Into KITS News

We get to Spring ahead on March 13, 2022! That means that the days will be getting longer and the spring bulbs will start to push their way through the frozen ground. I hope to get a few more snowy days to enjoy some boarding and some snowy walks through the trails; although, this fiery… Continue reading March Into KITS News

February is heart health month!

February Smile News

Did you know that smiling (and laughter)* can lead to an immediate increase in your heart rate and oxygen consumption and lower blood pressure and boost your immune system? It takes a minimum of 7-10 muscles to smile (although some studies say more like 47). Have you ever noticed how smiles (and laughter) can be infectious? I… Continue reading February is heart health month!

Happy New Year!

A new day, a new year, a new beginning!  What will you resolve to do with your life this year?   That can seem like a daunting task to achieve, so I like the idea of “living in the moment”.  I believe a good place to start is slow…by enjoying your minutes, your hours and your days, and decide how you… Continue reading Happy New Year!

Back To School!

Hi! The first weeks of school are now done, how are you surviving?  It’a been very exciting for us.  My son finally went back to in-class learning in grade 11, having just turned 16 and getting his drivers permit!  Now the fun begins with Driver’s Ed (online of course) and practicing driving with mom & dad!   Fall will soon be arriving and exfoliation… Continue reading Back To School!

Open for Facials!

Hi! I can’t wait to see your face… LITERALLY!  I am finally allowed to do facials and any waxing under your mask (lip and chin wax). You still need to arrive for your appointment with your mask on, then when we are ready for the face service you can remove it and put it back… Continue reading Open for Facials!

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