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The first weeks of school are now done, how are you surviving?  
It’a been very exciting for us.  My son finally went back to in-class learning in grade 11, having just turned 16 and getting his drivers permit!  Now the fun begins with Driver’s Ed (online of course) and practicing driving with mom & dad!  
Fall will soon be arriving and exfoliation will once again be required for smooth and hydrated skin.  Our skin goes through a natural cell regeneration about every 28 days, and as we age that starts to slow down.  Regular exfoliate (once to twice a week depending on skin type and condition) will assist the skin in functioning properly.  You will have smoother, softer, and more hydrated skin; as a bonus, your products and make-up will glide more freely.  If you shave, you will get a closer shave with less nicks or ingrown hairs.  

What's up at the Studio?

As I had mentioned in my previous newsletter, the price increase has taken affect this month.  I have also launched my new appointment tracking system.  Thanks for your patience and feedback from those who have used the new system and for making me aware of some glitches in the program.  Please be patient as I continue to navigate and tweak the new system.  You will notice new booking system email that you can confirm, and online forms to complete for Covid Self Assessment and Health History.  More will be added later, so stay tuned…

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