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NASP Graduate

After a long 3 years of learning and fining tuning my foot care skills, I am proud to say that I officially graduated from NASP (North American School of Podology)!  On Feb 3, 2017, I graduated with honours with a Bachelor of Science in Podology on the beautiful island of St Kitts; where along with… Continue reading NASP Graduate

Certificate of Completion

After three long years of learning and fining tuning her foot care skills, Wendy Lynn is a proud graduate from NASP (North American School of Podology) on Feb 3, 2017!  

Spa Packages

Feel relaxed. If you have never experienced this unique indulgence, you owe yourself this exquisite moment

Hand & Foot Care

Step inside, take your shoes off, and feel the warm welcome of our friendly team and enjoy a positive impact of foot massage

Facial Treatments

It is helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, and improving function in patients with osteoarthritis

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