Candle Oil Massage~YonKa

Rich in Shea & Mango butters to soften, repair, nourish and sooth the skin. The perfect remedy for any occasions or to relax and sooth the body.

Full Body Massage $75
Pedicure $60
Manicure $35

Relaxation/Aroma Massage

A relaxing full body massage using a special blend of essential oils that is uniquely chosen for each individual.

1 Hour $70

Indian Head Massage

A therapeutic treatment of the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp.  The perfect massage to relieve headaches, migraines, tense muscles, insomnia and more.

1 hour  $40  

Reflexology Anatomy

Unlike traditional reflexology where the organs are the focus, reflexology anatomy (RA) focuses on the muscular/skeletal systems, and the organs are left to rest. Pre and post visual measurements of mobility and pain tolerance are assesses in the neck, arms, hip, knee and back. After receiving RA, most will notice a significant improvement in these areas worked on, that will often last several days (everyone is unique, so responses may vary).

30-45 mins $40